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Why consult us?

We work as a team and will strive to find a solution to your problem with the best outcome for you. We believe, each case is uniquely different and requires a tailored strategy.

Well Prepared

Being well prepared is the key to obtain the best result. We will prepare thoroughly for court. Our lawyers will ensure that they have an in depth knowledge of you and your case.

Our Strength

We put the time in, upfront, to make sure that we have good faith belief that your case will be successful before we agree to represent you.

practice areas

Civil Law

If you’re confronted with a civil litigation process, don’t panic. Our diligent litigators will work tirelessly to steer you through the maze of civil litigation law.

Criminal Law

If you’ve been accused of criminal activity and you’re about to undergo criminal litigation, you need criminal defence litigation counsels you can trust. We are one of that kind.

Family Law

Having handled divorces involving complex business and property divisions, children from multiple families and common law marriages, we can confidently address any family law issue you have.

Labour Law

We know how sensitive labor and employment law issues can be and are committed to ensuring every client receives the personalized attention and care their cases deserve.

Consumer Law

We offer consumers honest and aggressive representation focused on obtaining compensation for the damages they have suffered. Put a stop to the harassment and mistreatment. Contact a lawyer.

Verification & Registration

We check the property paperwork for any encumbrance and verify documents in issue to give proper legal opinion. We also undertake preparation of Deeds, Wills etc., and its registration.

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Flexible in offering a complete bouquet of services

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EVE's Centre

Eve’s Centre was incorporated in the Year 2010 by Deepak Madathil and Sreeja Prashanth, Advocates having an experience of over 20 years together, with a vision to extend legal services in the field of litigation and non-litigation. The Law Office has flourished ever since then in varied fields of law and has been tirelessly working towards protecting the interest of its clients who are drawn from diverse fields.